Albums …… and so it begins. Ready for the journey?

Albums .…… and so it begins.

My goal in 2017 (actually #2 and #14 of 15 major goals I have for this year) is to create 3 instrumental albums. Two of them would be composed of various genres and the other would be inspired by the Bahá’í Writings.

I’m putting this out there for a number of reasons. 

  1. Throughout my career I’ve produced / recorded / mixed albums and compilations for other artistes but never for myself. It’s time I should start doing that.
  2. I want to take you behind the process. A Facebook friend wrote me and said that they would be very interested in my creation process and would love to read it. I think it’s a good idea.
  3. On a purely marketing standpoint it’s an efficient way to market the albums before release.
  4. Since I’m putting this blog out there it will force me to be accountable to it.
  5. I have enough musical instruments / vsts / software and other material to pull it off – and of course the internet to distribute.
  6. I just think it’s time.

So what I’ll be doing from now on (besides my other duties of making Lancast Ltd a household name) is give you videos, screenshots and (very) short snippets of songs that I’m developing and the process of getting songs registered/marketed/distributed. You’ll be going behind the scenes to read my thought processes, frustrations and yes even some swear words as I struggle within the creative process to get what’s in my head and heart to fruition.

I’ve already got an offer from a dear friend of mine (Chris) to contribute to recording on one of the songs for the Baha’i inspired album and another (Anthony) for helping out in the design of one of the albums.

By the way – one of the albums is going to be called Ataraxia and the other is called ‘This Way To Freedom’. I haven’t figured out the name for the Baha’i inspired album yet but it will come.

Ready for the journey?

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