Team – ‘Dem People’

As part of Anime Caribe Animation & Digital Media Festival 2015 an Animated Ideas Bootcamp was introduced for its participants (within 4 days) to form teams, create a story, create/design characters AND do a 5 minute pitch to the judges who also asked questions about our work. The prizes of funding and distribution opportunities were awarded to the top 3 teams. Out of the seven groups our team ‘Dem People’ came second. YAY TEAM!!

(l-r) Yoane Pavade of Parallel14, Camille Selvon Abrahams, Founder of Anime Caribe. The ‘Dem People’ team (l-r) Shaun Riaz (artist), Denny Ablack (writer), JoWayne McFarlane (animator), Navid Lancaster (music/sound design).

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