Let’s get cracking!!

Hello everyone and welcome to the first full blog for the new website Lancast Ltd. I am really happy you are reading this and I hope that you will continue to be an avid reader of this blog. As I said in my previous post, welcome back if you are new to my blog or were a previous reader of my entries in the now defunct Facebook Lancast group. As usual we have some ground to cover so let’s get cracking. 🙂

1. Lancast Ltd is grateful to be a contributor to the ‘I’m Glassing’ Magazine (BETA). If you have a smartphone go to http://imglassing.com to see what all the excitement is about. Creator of the app, Mr. Anthony Phills and myself are about to do something spectacular. We have a few things coming down the pipeline. BIG THINGS!! Prepare thyself.

2. Mr. Omar Lewis creator of the children books ‘The Wonderful World of Myat’ is in the process of creating an animated series. Lancast Ltd is in the process of providing original music for the series and more details will be revealed as time goes by. I am very happy to be part of the project …. more about that later. In the meantime he is having a launch of the game Crab Catcher.  Read up about it. I am going to the launch and so should you!! Lancast Ltd extends to Mr. Omar Lewis its hearty congratulations!!

3. Now this is an interesting twist. A while back the team from the group Abigboxofcrayons interviewed me for one of their features. It was lots of fun to do and I guess I gave them MORE than enough material for them to edit. ROFL. No worries though. The interview will be online soon so keep checking their website and be on the lookout for it.

4.  My dear friend Jade Drakes is a fantastic Trinidadian jeweller who made this for me recently

Brooch Quaver

She specializes in creating one of a kind pieces. She is featured in the online magazine designerislandlife.com. You should really check out her work. For ordering you can go to her website.

5. Lyndon Andrews. REMEMBER THAT NAME!! He and his team (at the time of this writing) are still on a plane on the way to Dubai. Why you ask? He was the producer of the song Runway Dubai for a fashion agency of the same name that stages a prestigious fashion show each year. Runway Dubai will be doing a multimedia presentation on the Trinidad and Tobago based Production company on November 27 at the launch of the fashion show in Dubai. You can follow the adventures of the company, 5Z1 Production Ecclesia here. We wish them Godspeed and safe return.

6. And speaking of safe returns look at THIS!! This is a promotional video of the musical collaboration of my friends Detonator and A_phake. They (and a few of my other friends) are in the promo video. Yes. ALL THIS music is from Trinidad & Tobago and I urge you to support it. You can purchase the EP here

7.  Tobago is not left out. One of my dearest friends Elspeth Duncan is hosting this event. If you are in Tobago (or plan to be there during that time) please attend.

Well folks that’s about it for now. A blog-full of lots of information and links … just the way my readers (past and present) like ‘em. Just one more very important person I’d like to mention. I would like to heartily congratulate my dear friend, businesswoman and Lancast Ltd Board Member Miss. Rachael Collymore for attaining her Professional Certificate in Event Management from The George Washington University School of Business. It has been tough and I’ve seen you overcome some serious odds to get it. Now that you are doing your Masters (and feeling the academic stress I felt a while back ROFL) I wish you all the best, may you achieve all your goals and at the same time …… kick ass!!  🙂

Till the next blog.


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  1. Navid thank you for your never-ending support. Congratulations on achieving this – launching your company, website and blog! I know there are many more successes in life for you. This is only the beginning. Thank you again!

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