Marketing Your Music In The Digital World (Part 3 of 3)

"In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity."
Albert Einstein

Unique Recording Studios, a 26 year old studio that created recorded albums and hits from Kanye West, Alicia Keys, Taylor Dayne, Depeche Mode, George Benson, Pet Shop Boys, Level 42, Michael Bolton, Bruce Springsteen, Jimmy Cliff, Cher, George Clinton and a host of recording artists great and small …….. closed.

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Last Post for 2014

Hello everyone how are you all doing? I am happy to be with you all on the last day of 2014. May the coming year bring to all of us love, peace of mind, success and prosperity. In the meantime since the official company website of Lancast Ltd was launched on 12 November 2014 we have been getting a lot of attention and that is always a good thing.  So let’s get started with the final blog for this year. 🙂

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Marketing Your Music In The Digital World (Part 1 of 3)

You may choose to agree or disagree with the following article but there is no denying it. The world,through advances in information technology and telecommunications, is rapidly getting smaller and more digitally integrated. As musicians and producers we have to be aware that the former model of the record company – dictating what music is marketable – is dead. Continue reading “Marketing Your Music In The Digital World (Part 1 of 3)”

Let’s get cracking!!

Hello everyone and welcome to the first full blog for the new website Lancast Ltd. I am really happy you are reading this and I hope that you will continue to be an avid reader of this blog. As I said in my previous post, welcome back if you are new to my blog or were a previous reader of my entries in the now defunct Facebook Lancast group. As usual we have some ground to cover so let’s get cracking. 🙂
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NEWS NEWS NEWS!! (First Blog)

Hello everyone to my first blog on the new website. It’s called NEWS NEWS NEWS!!. For those who are not familiar with the blog it deals with the happenings of Lancast Ltd and other events of interest in Trinidad and Tobago. As my readership grew I began to include activities of my associates from other countries. Previously I managed the blog, with the same title, on Facebook for a few years before closing it to resurface it here.

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