Let’s get cracking!!

Hello everyone and welcome to the first full blog for the new website Lancast Ltd. I am really happy you are reading this and I hope that you will continue to be an avid reader of this blog. As I said in my previous post, welcome back if you are new to my blog or were a previous reader of my entries in the now defunct Facebook Lancast group. As usual we have some ground to cover so let’s get cracking. 🙂
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NEWS NEWS NEWS!! (First Blog)

Hello everyone to my first blog on the new website. It’s called NEWS NEWS NEWS!!. For those who are not familiar with the blog it deals with the happenings of Lancast Ltd and other events of interest in Trinidad and Tobago. As my readership grew I began to include activities of my associates from other countries. Previously I managed the blog, with the same title, on Facebook for a few years before closing it to resurface it here.

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