Music, Crayons, Interviews and Twitter likes

Music-wise this has been a VERY interesting couple of weeks.

It all stated with a 2-day workshop and ended with a Twitter like from multi-Grammy Award winning music producer, Timbaland.

Attend Music Workshops – they’re good for you!

I attend music conferences and workshops once in a while but this particular workshop grabbed my attention. I knew that this one was going to be very important for me when I saw who was coming to it. Mr. David Stopps author of the book ‘How To Make A Living From Music‘. I had burrowed the book some time ago and I knew this was the blueprint to get Lancast Ltd to the next level. The book was published by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Mr. Stopps was doing a 2-day workshop with it. I booked my place to attend, connected with Mr. Stopps via Linkedin and prepared to go to the workshop. Mr. Stopps was a very cool person and of course very knowledgeable of the music business. What’s funny is that there were a good amount of people who knew me there. Marketing yourself diligently for the past few years has its benefits. Never underestimate the power of people knowing you.

Navid_Enrico_David Stopps
(l-r) Enrico_ Stopps_Navid

The workshop took place from 6-7 April, was VERY well attended and was co-sponsored by WIPO, IPO, MusicTT and CreativeTT. I was glad I went to it, learnt a lot, networked with lots of people, went to the microphone to ask questions and gave out (and received) a good amount of business cards.

What colour crayon are you?

A very interesting question. I was fortunate to be interviewed by the group ‘A Big Box Of Crayons’, a website that highlights the works of the movers and shakers in the creative sector of Trinidad and Tobago. I was very happy to be chosen as one of the people in the ‘Soundscape’ feature to be interviewed and the filming went very well. They also had me answer a written interview where I put down my thoughts about the creative process, the industry that I am in and also my advice to the up and coming within my industry. They also made a good trailer for it too.

Interested to see the rest? You can see the full video edit and article on their website right here.

Full appreciation and thanks goes to Nyla Singh for taking some brilliant b/w photos of me for the website article.

Surprise!! Twitter Like!!

‘A Big Box Of Crayons’ also has a Twitter account. What was really surprising and (humbling) was that multi-Grammy Award winning music producer Timbaland liked their tweet about the interview they had with me. How cool is that? Which brings up an important point. You never know who’s watching (or reading) your stuff. The posts you constantly put up can either make or break your career. Always put your best foot forward online.

Timbaland - ABBOC - Navid Lancaster

In Conclusion

In my previous post I stated that I am embarking on producing three albums. That is still on course and I have the first blog of the progress of that in draft form so stay tuned as to its publishing. It has been a very progressive two weeks and there are more great stuff lined up that will be revealed soon.

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