Music, fashion, book launches …. oh my!

Hello everyone how are you all doing? I hope this update meets you healthy, grateful and happy. Lancast Ltd (and myself) have been doing work, being featured in other works and in the process of co-producing some GREAT works but more of that soon. In addition, my friends are producing some great works and they want me to advertise/promote their wares here. No problem with that LOL. Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean. This is a long one so have your favourite drink handy. Lots of info here.

Being Featured Is Great!!

1. First and foremost in relation to Lancast Ltd I want you to think.
Think Hilton Hotel worldwide.
Think material design.
Think Barry Bonds.
Think Anthony Phills (website here)
Think music / Lancast Ltd.

……… and now KNOW some GREAT products are coming soon. VERY soon!! Prepare thyselves.

Now we can continue ….

2. I am happy¬†to announce that just over a couple of weeks ago I was featured on the website This aim of this website is to highlight and promote the talent in the creative industry within the Caribbean. It is a highly influential website and I’m honoured to be featured within it. Thanks to Gavin Luke and his team for doing a great job as well. You can see the link to the article/website here.
Read the article, like the page, share the news, spread the love.

3. It’s interesting where you end up some days. I was asked to find someone who can act the role of “The Teacher” in the short student film ‘Voices‘. Instead of searching for the person I decided to play the role myself LOL. Here’s a taste of it below. ūüôā

I love doing small roles like this. Who knows ….. it may end up winning an award like what happened way back in 2004 when I played a vagrant/transformed person in the Elspeth Duncan short ‘No Idea’. That film won the Commended Prize at¬†the Commonwealth Vision Awards. The theme was ‘Education – creating opportunity, realizing potential‘.

4. Had the pleasure of meeting up again with¬†Grammy-nominated, Dove-nominated and Juno Award winning music producer RogerRoger Ryan & Navid Lancaster Ryan in the recording studio earlier this week. He is truly one of the¬†coolest musicians I know. (Added bonus – he’s a Trini). If you don’t know who he is let me tell you. His achievements and street-cred are a mile long. Don’t believe me? Look to his website here for proof. He was in the country for a short while¬†working on a series of songs. He asked me to work on a certain studio project with him which will be revealed in due course.¬†Looking forward to more projects like this in the near future.

You want books? We have books!!

5. My dear friend Paula Obe (pronounced ‘obey’), owner of the company Bamboo Talk Press¬†has published 2 new books. ‘Ultimate Sacrifice’ by Edris Gabriel and ‘Ripe’ by Nancy Anne Miller.¬†These books are available as print or ebook on Amazon. To see more works from this fledgling but increasingly popular publishing house kindly go the website here.¬†I urge you to go out and support our Caribbean literary works.

6. Speaking of literary works I would recommenced that your work gets proofread. Need a proofreader? I know such a person. Her name is Patrice Charles. Here is her contact info:

Patrice M. Charles (Freelance Proofreader & Editor)
(868) 729 3255 / (868) 397 1008

Her skills include: Quick Proofreading, Basic Proofreading , Line Editing / Copyediting, In Depth Editing / Rewriting
She is offering her services to business professionals, authors, university students and publishers. She is happy to provide references, a free sample correction or a price quotation to interested parties. She is also willing to discuss payment plans for authors and students

Caribbean Haute Couture

7. My dear friend, businesswoman and Fashion & Merchandise Consultant, Miss. Janice Lawrence-Clarke has an upcoming event:

Greetings!!!!! You are invited to be part of an historic occasion in Caribbean fashion history!

Please join us as a Guest Designer/Artist/Artisan for¬†CAFE 2015¬†@¬†BENE RIALTO for the¬†CAFE – Caribbean American Fashion Exchange‚ĄĘ.

CAFE PosterA month long selling event from June 1st ‚Äď June 30th, 2015 at 13 West 38th Street, New York, NY 10018.

This is truly an historic event!! For more info contact her via email at: Take advantage of this opportunity to draw closer the fashion markets of the Caribbean and the United States. Go to their website to find out more details and follow them on Twitter now!!

8. Fabio Hair Designs TT is a company that provides top quality hair weave & extensions at an affordable price. From Virgin Indian & Brazilian Remi 100% human to top quality human blends. The company is located in Trinidad & Tobago with their sales office located at #8 Winton Lane, Belmont.

For pictures of their products and their satisfied clients you can find it on their Facebook page here. For further info contact them at (868) 369-5558 or email them at

Marketing, Marketing!

9. U2, Salt ‘N Pepa, Nina Simone, Sepultura, Rita Marley and¬†Ghostface Killa (“Wu-Tang Clan”) …. what do all these world-class artists and many more have in common? They have all been¬†clients of the¬†Entertainment Attorney, Paul B. Ungar, Esq. He has vast experience in negotiating deals for artists and recording companies alike.

He is offering a free consultation, so please do not hesitate to contact him if you ever need any intellectual property, media and/or entertainment industry-related legal advice. Don’t miss this opportunity!!

For more information about his entertainment & intellectual property law practice contact him via the following:
Tel. (732) 692-4286
Email: or visit his website at

10. Miss. Leslie-Ann Beckles is a Marketing Consultant; an Event Coordinator and Small Business Developer with a love for the Performing Arts. With these skills she is carving out a niche for herself in the highly competitive world of marketing. She has also written a series of blogs on Linkedin which I highly recommend you read. You can see them here.

She is offering her services to take your event or small business to the next level. Contact her via the following: Email:
You can also be part of her ever-growing Facebook community by going here.

11. Mr. Tony Puckerin,¬†Director at Guerilla Marketing Consulting (Caribbean) Ltd The Retailer’s Resource, is¬†offering his¬†services to local retailers in Trinidad & Tobago. He is on a mission to serve more small retail business by¬†offering a free consultation to any business owner wanting to grow their business. This is very important and you should take up on his offer! You should also look at his website.

For his free consultation and his other services see his contact information below:
Address: 12 La Mango Rd, Maracas St. Joseph,  Trinidad.
Tel: 868-686-7386 / 868-344-7447

The Wrap Up

After the success of my previous 3-part blog series about ‘Marketing Your Music in the Digital World’ and ‘The Voice. The Music Industry. Do’s and Don’ts’ I shall be continuing with another blog series called ‘How To Build an Online Following – Indie Artists‘. This comes at a good time since the debate/controversy of steaming media is a hot topic and the creation of the newest media streaming service called TIDAL¬†is garnering a lot of attention.

That’s all for now. Don’t forget to sign up for my blog updates below, like my page and share the content. I’d really appreciate it.


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