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Hello everyone how are you all doing?

I am very happy to announce some of the new changes Lancast Ltd has been going through. Thank you so much for your support and I hope that you will look at the following links / videos and support our local talent and upcoming events.

Let’s see … where to begin.

Lancast Ltd

1. Well for starters for those who were with me on this new website since the beginning of November last year you would have noticed a DRASTIC change in the look and feel of the website. It has gone through a massive revamp and we are now using the Twenty Fifteen Theme from WordPress. This was due to a desire to have this site more compatible and responsive with mobile devices. I would like to publicly thank Anthony Phills for keeping my data secure and Katrina and her company for putting out videos on how to best optimize the new WordPress theme. You can see one of the videos I’ve used here.

2. I am happy to announce that, after a short delay, the game show Democracy Challenge began airing on 17 January 2015 on the Parliament Channel in Trinidad & Tobago. Lancast Ltd provided ALL the background music for Season 1 of the game show. The first episode aired several times this week on the Channel and I’m looking forward to seeing the other episodes in Season 1. You can too by checking out the programme schedule here.

Here is a taste of Episode 1

3. This has been a productive week in terms of music production. I have been asked to arrange the music and produce the recording session for the song Miss Miles composed by the calypsonian Black Stalin. This song was forwarded to me by renowned actor and playwright Mr. Tony Hall who wrote an award-winning play based on the life and times of Miss. Jean Miles. You can see a review of this play, Miss Miles: Woman of the Worldhere. Award-winning actress Miss. Cecilia Salazar, who is the lead and only actor in the play, was the singer for the recording session (this was also her first time singing in a studio – and in character). The session went very well and there was even Mr. Timmy Mora and his team from Visual Art there to record the event and to interview Tony and Cecelia. My friend Mr. Lyndon Andrews, CEO of 5Z1 Ecclesia provided the recording facilities and was the recording / mixing engineer for the session and my dear friend, singer AND entertainment lawyer (and part of the team at Dionne McNicol Stephenson completed the team by providing all the background vocals.

As you can see from the pic below we had lots of fun. From Left-Right: Lyndon Andrews, Tony Hall, Cecilia Salazar, Dionne McNicol Stephenson, Navid Lancaster (Lancast Ltd).

Miss Miles Studio Recording Session

Miss Miles Studio Recording Session

UPDATE!! The song is now online via Soundcloud.  See link below.

4. Due to the success of the three part blog series “Marketing Your Music in the Digital World” (see parts 1, 2 and 3) there will be another three-part series about other aspects of the music industry coming soon. Be on the lookout for it.

New book releases and other works

5. Bamboo Talk Press, a publishing company that focusses on Caribbean writers, is set to release 3 upcoming titles later this month. “Behind The Narrow Street” by David Robert Gomez, “Nicko’s Ink” by Nicko and a book from the publishing company’s founder and owner Paula Obe (pronounced ‘obey’), “Riverstone”.

Paula describes that Riverstone “… examines lost innocence. What happens to a child when the very essence of her childhood is taken from her. Set in Trinidad & Tobago, this story examines a child’s reality, and what her mind does to survive”.

The book is available as print or ebook on Amazon. To see more works from this fledgling but increasingly popular publishing house kindly go the the website here. I urge you to go out and support our Caribbean literary works.


CANBOULAY, an event hosted the team at New Fire promises to be bigger, hotter and brighter in 2015 with their first event of the year celebrating their First Anniversary. Featuring the artists Freetown Collective and Mistah Shak. For details to this major event taking place in Trinidad on 5 February 2015, including venue, ticket prices and other information, please view their Facebook page.

Well that’s about it for the moment. Be on the lookout for the new blog series coming soon from Lancast Ltd. As always it was a pleasure writing and for you reading. I have a question out of curiosity (and crowd-sourcing purposes): What other aspects of the music industry would you want me to write about? Leave your comments below.

Until then take care and keep in touch. Much blessings.
Navid (Lancast Ltd.)

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