Lock On – The Intro Soundtrack (part 3 of 3)

‘Lock On’ required engaging the viewer the second the music video starts. This means that, along with the Visuals and Sound Design, the music must set the mood and immerse the viewer into the scene. The first blog was about the elements that went into the Sound Design while the second blog dealt mainly Sound Design in terms of walking. This final blog in the series focuses on the soundtrack in the first 40 seconds of the video.

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Lock On – The Steps of Blaxx (part 2 of 3)

‘Lock On’ has various Sound Design elements that one may not notice but if absent, or if done incorrectly, will take the viewer out of the experience the Director wants the audience to feel. Some of these elements were described in my previous blog . The process of walking is something we all observe in nature and will instinctively know when the sound and visuals do not match. This blog is dedicated to this process.

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Ten seconds …. that’s all you have ….. ten seconds.

Ten seconds to make an impact, ten seconds to establish your identity, ten seconds to make a lasting impression.

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From Silence To Sound. The ‘My Love’ Experience

My Love Blog Poster

From Silence to Sound.  The ‘My Love’ Experience.

It is interesting to discover that every sound in the Abdiel/Destra music video (except the monologue in the beginning and the music) was all constructed. There was silence at the beginning and end of the music video and that the audio world was constructed from scratch to further the story of what was seen on the screen. That is the power of Sound Design. To see how this was done this blog will have two major sections:

1. The Frontend. 2. The Backend
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