Hilton, Google, Material Design .. HAVE I GOT YOUR ATTENTION YET?

Attention everyone!! Remember in a previous blog section a while back called ‘Being Featured Is Great‘ when I mentioned about my friend Mr. Anthony Phills? Well the waiting is over and it is here now! The start of A SERIES OF GREAT CONTENT THAT IS NOW OUT from the mind of Mr. Hospitality himself, Anthony Phills. What is it you ask? Keep reading.
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Let’s get cracking!!

Hello everyone and welcome to the first full blog for the new website Lancast Ltd. I am really happy you are reading this and I hope that you will continue to be an avid reader of this blog. As I said in my previous post, welcome back if you are new to my blog or were a previous reader of my entries in the now defunct Facebook Lancast group. As usual we have some ground to cover so let’s get cracking. 🙂
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