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Click, Click, Tick, Tick

The logic of using that particular sound was that is was loud, gave the impression that it was recorded in a large room and complimented the spatial feeling of the other sounds that would be layered underneath it. The other two clock tick sounds (one has a higher sound than the other) had a less spatial feeling and were placed sequentially (low, high, low … etc) until the video fades. The amount of layered audio begins to gradually fade underneath this second series of clock ticks so that they begin to audibly stand out. Each sound was individually mapped out to each rotation of the compass as can be seen in the following video.

See The Light

What I find very interesting, visually, is what goes on after the compass glows. Call it a visual surprise if you will. Look at the video at the top of the blog again. What do you see?

Well that’s it for this blog entry ……. except for one more thing. Your client has to be satisfied with the final result. I always strive, through my work, to make my clients very happy so if this final pic is not an indication well ….

What else to you want me to talk about in regards to Sound Design or Film Composition? Let me know in the comments.