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A Story, a Podcast and Gunshots!!

Opportunity is like a blinking light in a dark room

Anthony Phills is an award winning Full Stack Designer, Author, Programmer and Visual Storyteller who has designed for Adobe, Siemens, Hilton Hotel and other major corporations. He has also designed for major celebrities like Barry Bonds, Johnny Gill, Jay-Z and his designs are featured in the Disney film ‘Million Dollar Arm’. Last year Anthony won the Best Full Stack Designer 2018 North America from Lux Magazine and an Honorable Mention in the 2018 International Design Awards. As you can tell from the links I was also mentioned as I had the honor of composing the music and/or Sound Design for his creations. I met Anthony during Animae Caribe in 2013 after I saw the one and only Stan Lee introduce and endorse him in a video.

It all starts with an idea

I am honoured that I have produced all the audio components, sound design and music for the product (including the ad below).

The Blackouts

Soundtracks, Sound Design and Bang Bang

If this music sounds familiar it is because it was used for all the ads for the Knight Trilogy including the ad you heard in the New Media Film Festival nomination video in this blog. This is why it is important to keep themes consistent with your brand. It reinforces identity and engenders brand loyalty.

The Podcasts

. The first one shows all the elements involved to create the episode. For example, the gunshots — the shots are individual elements as well as the bullet cases dropping on the ground. They were placed in such a way that it sounds fluid and engaging. All the elements are then mixed together to form a complete stereo mix.

. The second video shows the digital mastered version of the stereo mix. A general definition of digital mastering is the process of taking an audio mix and adding a final equalization (EQ), compression … etc to have it ready for distribution across various media. It sounds more complete and you can listen to the final version here.

In the mean time we have Season 2 coming so be on the look out!!