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So…. um …. what is a Doubles?

What is a doubles you ask? For the uninitiated this is one of the best street foods invented in Trinidad and Tobago and is of East Indian origin. You can see it in the couple of videos below.
Disclaimer: There are many videos online that portray what doubles is (there are a few variants that build on the basic components of doubles) so the videos that are shown are not the only ways to do it.

Here is the second one as well. You can watch the first 5 minutes of it to get a good idea.

Meet The Cast And (ever expanding) Crew

Putting It All Together (Part 1)

During the stop motion animation class Brad Schiff and Paul Harrod demonstrated the finer points of what to look for when doing stop-motion animation so that the movements replicate how humans move in real life.

Next came the actual animation. The puppet used as the Doubles Vendor was provided by talented Singer/Songwriter/Animator/Director Roland Yearwood, also known as RemBunction. The puppet’s name is Sookhoo.


During the animation process the participants of the stop-motion animation session (and members of the general public) took turns making the movement of the doubles vendor puppet come to life. It is a really interesting process and you should really watch both videos below. You have to be very careful and pre-plan all the movements. It is also a long process and appreciation must be given to all the people involved in the production chain to create the animation products we enjoy.

Putting It All Together (Part 2)