Interview from A Big Box Of Crayons

I was honoured to be interviewed for the podcast, “We Are Crayons – The Podcast”. It is now live!!. Listen to the episode, enjoy and leave a review on the site. Lots of gems in it for you to enjoy. Share the link as well.

From the shownotes: “As we delve into Trinidad and Tobago’s musical talent pool we’d like to bring to the surface Navíd (pronounced: Nah-veed) Lancaster. He’s a musician, music producer and sound engineer, as well as the founder and owner of Lancast Ltd, an independent company that creates music for film, animation, video games, AR experiences and mobile applications. Navíd shares his journey from head-banging youth to breaking the barriers of ‘BS’ gatekeepers.”

To listen to the podcast click on the picture. It will take you to the podcast episode from A Big Box of Crayons.