Slideteller App Launch

Elevating Visual Accessibility

Trinidad and Tobago, United States of America and Japan to the world!

I am so deeply honoured to be the Sound Designer and part of this extremely creative team. As of 5th September 2023 we’ve just launched an extremely innovative app called, ‘Slideteller – Elevating Visual Accessibility’.

I am happy to announce the FREE app launching today for iOS, ‘Slideteller – Elevating Visual Accessibility’. Envisioned by award-winning Stack Designer, Anthony Phills, the app is designed to empower the visually-impaired to effortlessly listen to audio descriptions of slides in a show or presentation. This bridges the gap for the visually-impaired by giving them equal access to presentations, lectures and conferences.

Slideteller Front Page and App Page
Slideteller Front Page and App Page

Our first live foray will be for the Vancouver tour of Miyo Yamauchi‘s show ‘How To Be Japanese’ starting in a few days. Click on our ‘About Page’ below to see the team members and more details.

We are constantly innovating the app and also in need of angel investment to help it grow. We would love for you to be part of it. Contact the developers via this link.

Looking forward to further enhancing the immersive experience for the visually-impaired.

Miyo Yamauchi Endorsement 2023
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